Join the Action Alert Network

The Action Alert Network provides a way for Bosnia’s citizens in the diaspora, and their allies, to contact their representatives and to advocate for peace and justice in a secure, united, and civic-based democratic Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Network responds to specific Bosnian matters where public opinion might sway how international officials behave. For example, if U.S. or international officials are working to influence Bosnian electoral law, or to promote security for Bosnia, they need to hear from us.

When such a matter arises, the Working Group’s Action Alert committee drafts a letter that addresses this issue and calls on officials to respond in a certain way. We share this letter with all people signed up to be part of the Network, encouraging them to send it to specific government officials. An Action Alert includes “talking points” so that an individual participant can write an original letter.

We also send alerts that prompt you to write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

We have prepared guidelines for writing letters to public officials, and to news editors. These tips, along with instructions on finding contact information for your Congressional Representative or Senator, are posted on this page (see below).

If you are interested in participating in this Network and letting your voice be heard in favor of Bosnia-Herzegovina, please click “Sign Up” and enter your information.